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Mac Huff Publications 2017
Pop / Broadway Singles
1) Fly Like an Eagle
This is my favorite chart of the year. …an old Steve Miller Band redo.
Again, geared toward show choir ( I added a horn / dance break)
2) Start a Fire
John Legend single from La La Land – Smokin’!
3) Unforgettable
This isn’t the swing version. I took a more lyric approach. Works for larger
choirs as well as show groups. Note SATB, SSAA, and TTBB voicings.

4) Perfect Illusion
The new single from Lady Gaga – Added horns for show groups
5) Scars to Your Beautiful
From pop radio, this is the Alessia Cara heavy duty hit single. Important
lyric for kids
6) Moana Medley
I hit the arranger motherlode! This is a 12 minute medley with 5 of the best
songs from Disney’s Moana. Note: I included 3 percussion parts in e-pak of
my arrangement to cover all of the amazing Samoan rhythms and grooves.
Also….How Far it Goes and You’re Welcome offer full versions of each.
Inspired writing from Lin-Manuel Miranda.
7) How Does a Moment Last Forever
This is a new song from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. (sung by Celine
Dion) Alan Menken has written a new standard.
8) Forever Country Mashup
If you’re looking for a change of pace, this is a great country feature.
…originally written and performed for the 50th anniversary of the Country
Music Awards.
9) A Thousand Years
Can you believe that this Christina Perri song from one of the Twilight
movies was never put into print? It’s such a beautiful and romantic song.
10) Opening Up
This is the opening number (and ending recap) from the Sara Bareilles
musical “Waitress”. I scored it for a women’s trio with chorus. A really fun
and bouncy production number that kids will love.
11) Golden Slumbers (Carry That Weight)
This is the Beatles classic that was recently sung by Jennifer Hudson in the
hit animated movie, “Sing”.
12) Love Me Now
This is a fun new single by John Legend.
13) Candle on the Water
From Pete’s Dragon, this is new take on a Disney standard…. especially good
for younger groups.
14) Can’t Stop the Feeling
Yes, this is the Justin Timberlake song from “Trolls”.
Put on your dancing shoes.
15) One Call Away
Beautiful Charlie Puth single …this sings perfectly for SATB.
16) Rise
This is the powerful and inspirational single by Katy Perry.
17) You Will Be Found
From Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen”, this is the 1st half closer and one of
the most exciting Broadway pieces ever. The inspirational message is made
for kids in today’s world. It will close a concert….
For Young Voices
18) Get Back Up Again – SAB
This is a single from “Trolls”, written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.
(La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen)
19) Swing Song –SAB
This is an original suite of jazz pieces I wrote for the 25th anniversary of the
Tulsa Children’s Chorus.
20) Sing With Me – SAB
This is an original inspirational piece that I wrote with my friend, John
Jacobson. He wrote an amazing and simple lyric. w/ flute
21) When Will My Life Begin – SSA
This is the perfect SSA single from Disney’s “Tangled”.
22) A Beautiful Day – SAB
This is rollicking African number from Disney’s TV show, The Lion Guard.
23) Take On the World – SAB
This is the theme song from TV’s Girl Meets World.
24) Music Man Medley – SAB
A short 3 song medley for young voices of this American theater classic.
New for the Holidays
25) Catch a Snowflake
This is a new Christmas single by Matt Newton, nominated for a Grammy
this year.
26) Christmas Mem’ries – Vocal jazz setting of a Streisand Christmas Tune




Mac Huff Publications 2016

1) Shut Up and Dance
– pop dance hit for show groups

2) Like I’m Gonna Lose You
– This is the Meghan Trainor/John Legend hit duet

3) Hello
– Adele’s mammoth hit

4) Na Na Na
– This is from the new Pentatonix recording. I added a rhythm section if you want to perform this accompanied. Of course, works unaccompanied as well

5) Flashlight
– Big ballad from Pitch Perfect 2, originally recorded by Jesse J.

6) Budapest
– Pop hit by George Ezra

7) Out Here on My Own
– From Fame, this is pop standard that needed a fresh arrangement

8) Drag Me Down
– Pop hit by One Direction for younger voices
– SAB/ 2PT.

9) The Writings on the Wall
– This won the academy award for best song this year. From new James Bond movie, “Spectre”, it was recorded by the great Sam Smith.

10) Old Devil Moon
– This is an older jazz chart that I added a SATB voicing this year.
– SATB, 3 pt mixed, SSA

11) Strong
– Great hit from Disney’s new “Cinderella”. Great for young voices. Empowering message

12) Under One Sky
– We found this song on an album by the Three Tenors.
Great message


13) Welcome to the Renaissance
– This is the opening number from current Broadway hit, Something’s Rotten! Really fun, informative and very entertaining

14) Broadway Musical Magic
– To start, a bit of back story…Back in 1994, I published a 45 min Broadway revue called “100 Years of Broadway”. A lot of people sang it and it’s all still in print. It was the history of Broadway music up to 1993. Then in 2003, I published “Opening Night!” a 24 min. update of 100 Years of Broadway. So, the medley below, Broadway Musical Magic, is an 18 min. collection in 3 sections that serves to once again, update the prior 2 medleys. These medley’s combined give you an entire evening of Broadway. Sorry for the long explanation…. It’s been a special project to get all of this Broadway music in print. Look on my site for more info on this. (machuff.com) So… Broadway Musical Magic contains everything from Newsies to Into the Woods to Jersey Boys in 3 sections.

15) Finding Neverland Medley
– This is a wonderful new show on Broadway. Very kid friendly music. I’ve used 4 songs in a 10 min. medley in 3 sections.
– SATB, SAB, 2pt

16) I’m in Love with the Monster
– This a crazy fun girls piece.. great Halloween song. Great groove.
– SSA, 2 PT, SAT(B)


These 3 next “discovery” titles are for beginning choirs or for easy middle school. Vocal ranges are limited. We add page performance 2 notes on the octavo and record part prominent demos of each song.

17) Let the River Run
– Carly Simon hit from movie “Working Girl”.
– 3pt, 2 PT.

18) Hallelujah
– Old Leonard Cohen classic ballad.
– 3pt., 2 PT.

19) Underneath the Tree
– New Christmas material from Kelly Clarkson.
– 3pt., 2 PT.


20) We Wish You the Merriest
– This a crazy, fun, and very happy Christmas jazz tune.

21) At Christmas
– Here’s a little country Christmas from Sara Evans.

22) Someday at Christmas
– Stevie Wonder tune that was featured on an Apple commercial last Christmas. Great song…

23) Almost Christmas
– This a Christmas tour de force for chorus composed by the brilliant Andrew Lippa. It was fun collaborating with him. It’s about Christmas in England. Enjoy!


24) The Lights of Jingle Bell Hill
– A holiday musical to brighten the season
– This is one of favorite collaborations with my great friend, John Jacobson. I think this is our 19th show and this might be my favorite. It starts with a smart and funny script and story by John. We wrote 6 show stopping tunes for elementary singers. It’s a fun show.

25) Let it Go – I re-voiced this for guys, TTBB. Aimed at the GALA market